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Standish Group Chaos Report:

52.7% of projects will cost 189% of their original estimates.

With SmartRise, you can...

See the Big Picture

See the Big Picture

Manage the big picture by reaching all the data through one single page at anywhere

You can detect mistakes made and can take corresponding precautions. Therefore, you can finalize projects on time and budget without digressing the project scope.

Forecast Budget at Completion

Forecast Budget at Completion

Predict budget at completion with financial reports from the data obtained on the construction site

You can determine the budget at completion correctly by checking the main features and performances of your project at any time intended.


Timekeeping Module

Timekeeping Module

Daily timekeeping operations can be performed through hourly logged staff information into corresponding projects. Contractor timekeeping informations are logged staff-wise, whereas subcontractor timekeeping informations are logged work-branch wise. Within this module, you can:

  • Get daily, weekly, and monthly timekeeping records easily and instantly with automated results.
  • Track “man.hour” and “daily wage” parameters with respect to locations and work-branches.
  • Analyse daily wages with regard to projects, contracts, locations, and work-branches.
Budget Estimation Module

Budget Estimation Module

The most important module of the system. Quantities and their unit prices are entered for each activities in each work-branches defined previously in this module. Afterwards, following hierarchical structure is obtained: “Branch>Cluster>Activity>Locality”. Within this module, you can:

  • Compare current and estimated unit prices.
  • Get comprehensive unit price database for future projects.
  • Use data history for risk analysis of current projects.
Contracts Module

Contracts Module

Contracts can be formed with sub-contractor informations entered before. General information, responsibilities, activity scope, and related documents can be uploaded to this module. You can:

  • Measure related progress and costs of contracts easily.
  • Archive necessary documents for the future claims.
  • Monitor debit/credit status for each subcontractor
Progress Monitoring Module

Progress Monitoring Module

Project progress comprises of several sub-operations. Tracking of those with details in a systematic fashion is far harder with conventional methods. Within this module, you can:

  • Track progress of each activity instantly.
  • Easily compare planned and actual status with regarding variances.
  • Detect delayed activities and take related actions.
Reports Module

Reports Module

This module consists of reports of 3 consecutive parts, Budget Estimation, Progress Payments, and Timekeeping. Within this module, you can:

  • Have a complete understanding of the project.
  • Thoroughly make risk analysis for future operations.
  • Be prepared for the following tasks.


Ronesans Holding

Established in 1993 by Dr. Erman Ilıcak, Rönesans Holding furnishes services as the main contractor and investor in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

Success Story

We had the chance to develop an improved reporting and data collection systems on a web-based environment with REC International which is the leading company of Ronesans Holding.

This web-based system was such designed that tedious data collection and exhaustive reporting processes are accelerated.

ESER Holding

Operating in Middle East, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, ESER Holding is a leading group of construction and engineering companies.

Success Story

Operating different projects in different countries, ESER Holding had heavily loaded material supply chain process. Within the journey together, we built such a system that minimizes the possibility of any type of error that may occur in the process starting from the demand of a material to its usage on the construction site in any type of condition. Integrating different bodies together in time, bodies of purchasing, machinery replenishment, finance, and warehouse and insurance were gathered under a single roof with five programmes.

Fidanlar Construction

Constructing hundreds of residential houses for 20 years in İstanbul, Fidanlar Insaat continues its operations in Ankara.

Success Story

We had the chance to work with Fidanlar Insaat within the frame of corporate digitalization. Executing their projects meticulously, Fidanlar Insaat preferred our solutions regarding project and warehouse management and purchasing. Within this framework, they firstly minimized losses on material supply process and warehouse management with detailed monitoring. Secondly, they started to obtain real stock data by monitoring inventory and fixture sections. Afterwards, they started to monitor statuses of progress payments and corresponding subcontractor contracts parametrically with tracking project by both physically and financially based on activities and localities.

Yenigün Construction

Yenigün has undersigned many successful projects since 1973 upto date.

About Us

As a team, we have been executing numerous projects with plenty of companies in construction sector over 15 years. The biggest desire that we wish to attain is to ensure that construction companies can compete with others, and can perform their activities at higher standards with the expertise and knowledge provided by DIGITA.

After obtaining higher profit rates by making control of projects easier and by creating project structures and data architecture such that they can be controlled and evaluated, it is determined that DIGITA should be engaged in the whole sector.

It is our mission as DIGITA to assist companies with managing resources in more active and effective fashion, and to make them earn more money with increasing their business volumes.